Resale Scams

Do your homework. Has someone contacted you indicating they have a buyer waiting? Has someone told you that they work with TCS and/or TCS will be holding your money in escrow? Timeshare Closing Services, Inc. has worked hard to maintain its reputation and credibility for over a decade. Our legal department has seen a significant increase in the number of unscrupulous “resellers” claiming to work with us and trying to use our good name to establish credibility for themselves. Unfortunately, owners contact us after they have sent money to these “resellers” just to find out that we have no idea who they are and never received any documents or escrow deposits from these “resellers”. Don’t make the same mistake.

If you have any doubt as to the sincerity of anyone claiming to be associated with us, please click the link below to complete and submit a Reseller/Advertiser Verification form and we will respond by email verifying whether or not the party you listed does, in fact, maintain a volume producer account with TCS.

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We are honored to be of service to you. Now that you are ready to transfer ownership, we are here to provide you as smooth a transition as possible. We offer many services, but our most popular are the following:

All Inclusive Timeshare Transfer (with Title Insurance)*

Services Include:

  • Holding of funds
  • Timeshare Detail Verification & Research ("Estoppel")
  • Purchase contract and/or closing statement
  • Document Preparation
  • Recording
  • Resort Notification and confirmation of transfer
  • Expert Closing Review
  • Title Search, Review & Title Insurance Policy*
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Full Closing (No Title Insurance)

Provides same great service as "All Inclusive" without Title insurance

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Simple Closing (No Title, No Estoppel)

Perfect for Quit Claims and transfers between Family members

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Escrow Services Only

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Quit Claim Deed preparation and recording Only

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Title Search, Commitment and Title Insurance

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Title Search Only

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*Our pricing is derived from our prep fee plus Closing Costs. The title policy, recording fees, and doc stamps are based upon the purchase price. Closing Costs vary for each transaction and include, but are not limited to, third party costs such as County Recorder fees, Resort Transfer Fees, Title Policy Fee, third party attorney fees, express mail, etc. We make every effort to provide an accurate estimate. However, if your property is located outside the U.S., in New York City, South Carolina or other states requiring outside legal counsel involvement, is on land managed by the Bureau of Indian Affairs or if other issues arise resulting in unexpected expense, additional costs beyond our quoted price may apply. Transfer of banked usage from seller to buyer is subject to an additional $50 processing fee.


Thank you so much for clearing up my billing problem with the Hilton Grand Vista Company. Your fast, efficient, and courteous help was most appreciated. It is indeed a pleasure to deal with a true professional and 1 should know, having been an active Residential Real Estate agent for 20 years....

Joanne Brown

...Your service, right from the start, has been really professionally handled giving me peace of mind .....I am pleased with the speed you handled this transaction with everything going smoothly.

George Hess

Just a short note to tell you how pleased we were doing business with you and your company.

Gerard Landry & Barbara Ross